Britannica International School

Science Fair 2021

Learning Through Discovery

Britannica students will have the chance to solve their own science mystery by engaging in a science or engineering project. This is a mandatory project for our Key Stage 3 students. At Britannica we place huge emphasis within our science curriculum on learning through discovery, learning how to plan authentic and reproducible scientific experiments. 

This year’s Science Fair allows our students to showcase their learning as they have the chance to pick their own project question, whilst enjoying the experience of discovery. Students will use this Science Fair website as a platform to present their process and findings, which gives them the opportunity to learn cross curricular with ICT.


Learning Through Discovery

Through time management and project planning, our students will take on the responsibility of completing their project over a six-week period.

Students will brainstorm project questions, scientifically working out how to process a creative solution and display the results. By immersing themselves in real-world scenarios, asking challenging questions that require innovation and creativity, our students are experiencing a similar environment to that of professional scientists.

Inspired by Science Week in the UK, the theme for Science Fair is “Our diverse world”; celebrating the amazing diversity we see across the globe. From biodiversity to cultural and societal diversity, from the diversity of knowledge to STEM careers and subjects.

This exciting theme leads to questions regarding the physics of making music, the biology of tide pool animals, to the science of fingerprinting. There are no limits to the possibilities for discovery and it is our pleasure to present our findings to you, through this Science Web Portal.

Science Fair Group Competition

The prizes for the 2021 Science Fair Competition are awarded based on how well the students have planned and executed the Scientific Method in the pursuit of a fair and reproducible experiment. At each stage of the project, the students completed different steps of the scientific method.

The following prizes will be awarded by the Britannica Science Department based on the execution of the Scientific Method.


GoGy V2 Drone + 30 individual house points


Projector Nebula Lamp + 20 individual house points



FlyNova flying spinner + 10 individual house points


Science Fair House Competition

To encourage a friendly sense of competition amongst our scientists, House points will be awarded based on voting by the general public. The public will be able to vote for their preferred House based on how well the students have:

  • Purpose/Question. Asked an appropriate question.
  • Research. Conducted background research.
  • Hypothesis. Proposed an appropriate hypothesis.
  • Experiment. Designed and performed an experiment to test their hypothesis.
  • Data/Analysis. Recorded observations and analysed the meaning of the data.
  • Conclusion.


Inter House Science Competion

The following prizes have been awarded based on the votes received from the public.

1st Place: – 35 house points

2nd Place: – 25 house points

3rd Place: – 15 house points

4th Place: – 5 house ponts

1st PLACE:

35 House Points

2nd PLACE:

25 House Points

3rd PLACE:

15 House Points

4th PLACE:

5 House Points


The following prize will be awarded by the public to the student whose project received the most votes.

L“The Peoples’ Choice Award”

Remote Controlled Car



This experiment deserves a mention because of the consistent iteration that had to go on. The students perseverance and real-time problem solving showed all the qualities of a project worthy of distinction.


The methodical approach and unflinching desire to follow the scientific method are worthy of a commendation on its own. However, on more than a few occasions this student had to work completely alone. His ability to overcome these hurdles are most commendable.


 The students approachs to such an urgent need showed a maturity and empathy for the plight of millions of people. His dedication to finding a solution that had real implications was worthy of merit.

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