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Does noise effect the rate of plant’s growth?

Objectives: To find out does noise effect the rate of plant’s growth, then find out is the effect good or bad.

Methods and Materials: I used 1 iPad to play noise from YouTube, 1 headphone to play it to the plant, 2 pots and 2 seeds with 500g each to plant them. I also water and use ruler to measure their height.

Results: The grass with noise had grown up to 20cm high, but the grass without noise was drowned because of too much water!!

Conclusions: The death of the control plant leave us no comparison to plant with noise.

Background Research Paper


Plants are very important in our human lives, the can be used for decorations in our garden, the can also use to be made tools
Noise effects the growing of plants. So some plants are growing worse in noisy place, but others seem to be growing better. This experiment’s goals are “Does noise effects on plants growths?”

Describe keywords

Sound is a phenomenon caused by small pressure changes in the air. Noise is unwanted sound considered unpleasant, loud or disruptive to hearing. It is academically defined as an unwanted sound.

It is the unit of proportion. The decibel is a relative unit of measurement corresponding

to one tenth of a bel. It is used to express the ratio of one value of a power or root-power quantity to another, on a logarithmic scale. A logarithmic quantity in decibels is called a level.

First, there is a different effect between sounds, because the height of plants was different. Plants in violin music were in first, and traffic noise then last, control, non-sound. So peaceful music like violin music, effects good grow of plants. And noise like traffic, are bad effects on plants growths, because the sound waves touching the cell wall and noise would give good and bad physical impulses to it.

Noise(Left), Green Music(Middle), Control (Right)

(This isn’t our experiment.)

For the next is the number of leaves in each of plants. In heights of plant, the violin music was better then traffic noise. But now, it is opposite. The traffic noise has more plant leaves then the violin music. But regardless height and number of leaves, the control plants are slow growing and less leaves, worse.
Plant growth with music and noise
As a result of recording and hearing the cabbage in the loudest place in front of Busan Station in South Korea (left), the leaves were distorted and the growth fell significantly, and the surroundings of the leaves began to burn yellow. The adverse effects of noise are severe beyond imagination. If you listen for a long time, you will die.

Noise effects the growths of plants like heights of plants, number of leaves or other things. Plants can grow well, fine or bad depending on type of noise. And places can effects on plants growths because many places have different types of noise, because the noise waves touching the cell walls.

Noise pollution alters ecological services: enhanced pollination and disrupted seed dispersal
Clinton D. Francis, Nathan J. Kleist, Catherine P. Ortega and Alexander Cruz
Published: 21 March 2012 |

Effect of sound on plant growth
Aditi Singh, Akanksha Jalan and Jhinuk Chatterjee*
Department of Biotechnology, PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India


Margaret E. Collins* and John E.K. Foreman
The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada *Ms. Collins is now deceased

Green music far

ming method
[Naver Encyclopedia of Knowledge

] There is music that is harmful to p

lants (Green Music Farming Meth

od, 2011. 8. 31, Lee Wan-ju)


If plants were exposed to noise, then they will grow at a slower rate.

Materials and Procedure 


Fast growing grass seeds x2 

Dirt of 500g x2 

Pot x2 

Headphone x1 

iPad x1 

Water can x1 


1.Put 500g of dirt in each pot 

2.Put 1 grass seed in each pot 

3.Connected the headphone to the iPad 

4.Play random noise to one of the grass 

5.Watered 60 or 40ml(only one person) and recorded the rate of the height of each plant at every day 


Our Experiment

Line Graph



Data Table


The grass with noise grow fairly well and got to a height of 20cm, but their isn’t a comparison because the control grass had drowned, so the result cannot either support or not the hypothesis.

The procedure should be able to effectively answer our scientific question but one day we accidentally drowned the grass by two people water in the same day.

If we do the experiment again, we might discuss who to water or tell the other person if we already watered.


The aim of the experiment was to investigate does noise effect the rate of height of plant’s growth. The hypothesis couldn’t be supported by the result. Therefore, we cannot conclude does noise effect the rate of height of plant’s growth.

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