You are currently viewing Reflection On “How To Make Soap?” (Sunshine, Year 8)

In this experiment, we only used two ingredients which are the coconut oil and lye to make the soap. It is a very easy way to make soap. Also, we used the food colouring to make our soap more colourful and beautiful. However, perhaps we added too much or it was not a good choice to add food colouring. Thus, when we use them to wash the dirty stain on the fabrics to compare with store-bought soaps, it caused a problem: the food colouring dyed the fabrics.

We did our experiment to test if our handmade soap work by: comparing handmade soap with store-bought soap by timing the seconds that the soaps wash out the dirty stain on the fabrics. When we did the first experiment, our result was quite wrong and unfair. We also tried to wash out the colouring that dyed on the fabrics from our handmade soap, so it took more time to wash out the dirty stain on the fabrics by using our handmade soap. Therefore, we did the experiment again by only washing the dirty stain from the fabrics, but not the colouring from our handmade soap that washed out and only one of us might used the soaps to wash out the dirty stain on the fabrics. Our result of the handmade soap was getting better because we didn’t need to spend more time washing the colouring, so it took less time than the first experiment. However, the store-bought soap still took less time (about 5 seconds quicker than our handmade soap) to wash out the dirty stain. Also, our handmade soap was much quicker to dissolve than the store-bought soap when we were doing the experiment which is not really expected.

If we were to do this Science project again, we will not add the colouring anymore and add some essential oil, because our handmade soap doesn’t really smell nice. In conclusion, the store-bought soap is better than our handmade soap, but actually our handmade soap is not bad and we suggest you to try!

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