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The Reflection:

General we done well at the experiment that a good brilliant positive thing in whole year. Kevin were proud of our self’s its a nice to see in the academic.


i found difficult is that we change bread to much because some of our bread are bitten by  birds and a mouse , second thing is that i become impatient at the bread not growing moulds.


the challenge is that we have to suffer from the disgusting moulds  it smells horrible and

the lesson i learned is  not to afraid of experiment failures. we suffer from two failure (change breads: bread bitten by animals) but patient tell us that failure is the first step of learning.


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill


what i will do  differently next time is at first put the bread in the safe place and make chart much more better

My Hypothesis.

We hypothesised that if bread is exposed to more sunlight, the growth of mould will be slower.

Based on the collected data, the experiment on mould growth confirms our hypothesis. The experiment clearly showed that light inhibits mould from growing quickly, but dark, indoor environments helped it multiply. The most interesting part of the experiment was seeing how quickly and easily mould spreads on food, and how we store it can make a big change. Since most foods are stored indoors or in the dark, the experiment shows how important it is to check for mould since it grows so fast. One point that was learned after the experiment was the structure and growing patterns of mould: it not only spreads very quickly from one spot, but it can also travel to different areas in the air and start new mould growths (which happened on the bread). This then showed that mould is made of spores, which allow it to spread around rooms from one food to another. In conclusion, the experimental process was proof of the importance of how food is stored, and how quickly it can become rotten with mould if not kept fresh.

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