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What is Our Experiment?

Our experiment is measuring the rates at which different meats dissolve in Coca Cola. Coca Cola has a pH of around 2.3, which means it is acidic enough to dissolve meat. Our stomachs have a pH of 1.5 to 3.5. We wanted to see if different types of meat would dissolve at different speeds.

What did we find out?

We discovered that the fish dissolved the most, but we suspect some of our data may have been maladjusted because there was a problem with our data collection method.

What were the highs of the experiment?

The most fun parts of our experiment was working together and brainstorming ideas. We also had fun cutting the raw meat (before it started dissolving)

What were the lows of the experiment?

We found some difficulties in adjusting to the shorter timeframe when lessons got replaced. We also found the dissolving meat very disgusting because it stained the water red, smelled horrible, and some even grew worms!

How could we improve this experiment?

Next time we could increase the sample size to get more accurate results, try harder to get all the pieces of meat at exactly 50 grams, run the experiment for longer in order to give the meat time to properly dissolve, and measure the pieces of meat without the bowls and pieces that have broken off so that we can have easier accessible data. One final thing would be to guess which type of meat will dissolve the fastest based on it’s levels of collagen.

What lessons did we learn?

We developed our time management and teamwork skills during this experience because we had to work together in a short amount of time to produce lots of work. Overall, we feel proud of our accomplishments and are looking forward to doing it again next year!

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