You are currently viewing Reflection – Can A Paper Windmill Light Up A Light Bulb? – Kitty and Larissa – YEAR 9
We built a windmill out of cardboard, DC motor and wires that can make a robot car working by using electrical energy. We use glue to group up all the materials that we need to make a windmill but unfortunately it didn’t lit up a light bulb but it can make a robot car working. The problems was that we made a turbine out of  cardboard but it wasn’t able to spin fast enough so it can’t lit up a bulb so at the end we get another turbine that is made out of plastic turbine.
Things that we do well is:
– we managed to make a turbine out of cardboard
– we managed to build the base
– we managed to solder the wire to the DC motor
– we managed to make the robot work
Things that we didn’t manage to do:
– we didn’t managed to light up the light bulb
We ran a few test to find which motor could spin the fastest and generate most energy.
We added a capacitor and a cumulative board which helped to stabilise the voltage and make sure the electricity could only go to the light bulb.

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