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How does shape of an object affect the time to get to the bottom of a liquid?

There have many forces in Earth. For example: friction, gravity, air resistance etc. But now our main thing is buoyancy and water resistance. So how does the shape of the object effect the time it flows to the bottom of the liquid?

Water resistance  

So, what is water resistance? Water resistance is one types of force, which is the objects are endure the water. For example, there are has boats in water, because they have buoyancy and in bottom of boat. Why it can float on the water it’s because if an object stays in a place which didn’t move so it is a balanced force. And some boats are in deep of water, which is submarines, is a force that push the boat down so it is not balanced.  


Buoyancy is the upward force on an object produced by the surrounding fluid (liquid and gas) in which it is fully or partially immersed. For example, a ball is floating on water is because buoyancy is pushing it up to the surface of the water or a liquid. But what are forces that is opposite of buoyancy? Gravity and density are the forces that is the opposite of buoyancy. 


Density is a measure of mass per volume. The average density of an object equals its total mass divided by its total volume. An object made from a comparatively dense material will have less volume than an object of equal mass made from some less dense substance. 


If the shape of an object is changed, then it will sink at a different rate.



From our experience we found that the sphere was a fastest sinks to the bottom, and disk was a slowest sinks to the bottom of honey water. Sphere is the fastest, because may be that honey help it. We do the science before, we made the sphere and disk play-dough with not honey. We put two shape in the water, that shapes are so slow sinks to the bottom. Then we put the honey together, after the special shape with honey, it’s can be more fast!!


We knew about water resistance, but I want know about other force.

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