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Over the last three weeks we have been doing this AMAZING experiment where we explored the pH of the water affectin g plant growth. We planted some green beans and some grass and watered them with the same amount of water. The only difference was that we watered them with acid, alkali, and neutral water. The plants grown very well. Infact the beans have been ate by a bird! 

During this experiment, our plants grown well and the results have shown that plants grow well in neutral water. Our hypothesis was supported by our results but the mind-boggling this was that the acid beans sprouted FASTER than the neutral beans! That was way out of our expectation! 

We could have put some protection on the plants so the animals will not be harmed by the experiment and experiments will not be affected. WIN WIN! 

Overall we were very proud that we have completed this experient and we are very happy that we can be a part of this science fair. We wish that we can do it again. 

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