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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In our experiment we tested to see which out of the 5 metals we chose (magnesium, copper, aluminum, iron, and zinc) will corrode the most in a time span of 20 minutes. We started the experiment off by weighing the metals and acid until we had exactly 50ml of hydrochloric and 5 grams of each metal. However, we then thought that 5 grams was too much, so we reduced the weight to 1 gram for each metal but on the other hand we kept the amount of acid at 50mls. If we were to redo this experiment then we would also reduce the amount of acid to 25mls since we reduced the weight of the metal. It’s best to even things out. When we had done preparing the metals and acid we dropped all the metals into the acid and waited for 20 minutes while looking at the metals react. After 20 minutes, we filtered the metals with filter paper until the metals were dry and there was no acid left on it. We needed to dry them with care as we did not want any acid staying on it as the experiment would not be fair. When the metals were dried, we weighed them and measured the weight of the metal and took 1 gram away from it which equaled how much of the metal got corroded in grams. Overall, all three of us can agree that this experiment was an extremely interesting experience. (Tongue twister). We hope you enjoyed our blog!

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