For this experiment, we want to determine which colour of light can help plant to grow the best. We use paper filters to built a cone with the top closed, this can make the plant only shine with one same colour, this can make our test more specific. As the result, we can see what the plant light with purple light grow highest at the first week, however, after the first week plants light with red, blue and green light all catch up with a very fast speed. If we can do our experiment one more time, we can improve it by, using more colour of paper filters to cover…

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Reflection : How does different liquid effect plant growth By William Year9

Our experiment is finding out how does different type of liquid effect the plant growth , we have use 5 type of liquid .Each were Bottle water with memeral , tap water , milk , cola and sugar water( using white sugar mixed with tap water ) . Each pot we had put 50 ml of each liquid , and measured how much does it grow in a week . In first three days , we already have some problem with the experiment . The plant that is water by milk and cola had  routed , all the classroom was super smelly . We decide to throw away the milk and the…

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Metals into Hydrochloric Acid – Blog

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Our blog ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In our experiment we tested to see which out of the 5 metals we chose (magnesium, copper, aluminum, iron, and zinc) will corrode the most in a time span of 20 minutes. We started the experiment off by weighing the metals and acid until we had exactly 50ml of hydrochloric and 5 grams of each metal. However, we then thought that 5 grams was too much, so we reduced the weight to 1 gram for each metal but on the other hand we kept the amount of acid at 50mls. If we were to redo this experiment then we would also reduce the amount of acid to 25mls since we…

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Reflection on pH affecting plant growth-Rachel and Frank

Over the last three weeks we have been doing this AMAZING experiment where we explored the pH of the water affectin g plant growth. We planted some green beans and some grass and watered them with the same amount of water. The only difference was that we watered them with acid, alkali, and neutral water. The plants grown very well. Infact the beans have been ate by a bird!  During this experiment, our plants grown well and the results have shown that plants grow well in neutral water. Our hypothesis was supported by our results but the mind-boggling this was that the acid beans sprouted FASTER than the neutral beans! That was way out…

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Reflection of our experiment Ethan&Linus

first we planted one seed into the soil in the plastic pot but unfortunately it didn't grow because one of the reasons is that when we pour water in the soil it slowly comes out because there are little holes in the bottom of the plastic pot the other reason is that one seed isn't enough so we planted 5 seeds  but we didn't have any luck, we hardly had any results because the plants didn't grow so for our experiment is unknown. Our theory is we may have put to0 much water in our plants but we never gave up we were resilient. we genuinely want to start again but we…

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Reflection – Can A Paper Windmill Light Up A Light Bulb? – Kitty and Larissa – YEAR 9

We built a windmill out of cardboard, DC motor and wires that can make a robot car working by using electrical energy. We use glue to group up all the materials that we need to make a windmill but unfortunately it didn't lit up a light bulb but it can make a robot car working. The problems was that we made a turbine out of  cardboard but it wasn't able to spin fast enough so it can't lit up a bulb so at the end we get another turbine that is made out of plastic turbine. Things that we do well is: - we managed to make a turbine out of cardboard…

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Reflection On “How To Make Soap?” (Sunshine, Year 8)

In this experiment, we only used two ingredients which are the coconut oil and lye to make the soap. It is a very easy way to make soap. Also, we used the food colouring to make our soap more colourful and beautiful. However, perhaps we added too much or it was not a good choice to add food colouring. Thus, when we use them to wash the dirty stain on the fabrics to compare with store-bought soaps, it caused a problem: the food colouring dyed the fabrics. We did our experiment to test if our handmade soap work by: comparing handmade soap with store-bought soap by timing the seconds that the soaps…

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Reflections on Dissolving Meat in Acids – Sylvie & Aymée Y8

What is Our Experiment? Our experiment is measuring the rates at which different meats dissolve in Coca Cola. Coca Cola has a pH of around 2.3, which means it is acidic enough to dissolve meat. Our stomachs have a pH of 1.5 to 3.5. We wanted to see if different types of meat would dissolve at different speeds. What did we find out? We discovered that the fish dissolved the most, but we suspect some of our data may have been maladjusted because there was a problem with our data collection method. What were the highs of the experiment? The most fun parts of our experiment was working together and brainstorming ideas.…

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Reflection On Sunlight Affecting Moulds On Breads?(Matthew GAO )

The Reflection: General we done well at the experiment that a good brilliant positive thing in whole year. Kevin were proud of our self's its a nice to see in the academic.   i found difficult is that we change bread to much because some of our bread are bitten by  birds and a mouse , second thing is that i become impatient at the bread not growing moulds.   the challenge is that we have to suffer from the disgusting moulds  it smells horrible and the lesson i learned is  not to afraid of experiment failures. we suffer from two failure (change breads: bread bitten by animals) but patient tell us…

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