Daniel Song , our award winning wartime correspondent reports directly from Germany on the why the Germany went to war!

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In 1939, September 1st , Adolf Hitler took parts of Poland which ended up starting the war because Great Britain and France had guaranteed military support to Poland if it was attacked by Germany. Before that he had taken parts of Austria then Czechoslovakia and finally Poland.

Going to World war II

In September 1939 Britain declared war on Germany, joining the biggest war ever fought in history.

Since Victorian times,Germany had been a very large and powerful country at the heart of Europe.But when it was defeated in the First World War in 1918,Germany had to give up a lot of its land and pay harsh penalties as punishment. German felt angry so they wanted to revenge by attacking other countries.Germany did this in the 1930's when the Britain join the militarism, so they can avoid the war.

Attack Poland

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933. Almost immediately he went and began secretly building up Germany’s army and weapons.

In 1934 he increased the size of the army, began building warships and created a German air force. Compulsory military service was also introduced in 1935.Hitler also made two important alliances during 1936. The first was called the Rome-Berlin Axis Pact and allied Hitler’s Germany with Mussolini’s Italy. The second was called the Anti-Committer Pact and allied Germany with Japan.

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It started on 10 May 1940. Germany wanted to capture France, but France made a very strong wall of troops called the Maginot line. However, Germany snuck through Holland and Belgum to get to Paris, and then they captured Paris easily. The Fall of France ended on June 25, 1940.


Militarism is when an a army has lots of influence in a government or a government regularly uses its army inside its country.

In the 1930s Adolf Hitler leader of Germany was militarist because they want to have many countries. Hitler had a plan but historian disagree with the Hitler's plans. In January 1935 Britain told Hitler you need to join the militarism that we can avoid the war.

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The government started rationing certain foods in May 1942, starting with sugar. Coffee was added to the list that November, followed by meats, fa, canned fish, cheese, and canned milk the following March.