Deeksha, our award winning wartime correspondend reports directly from Germany about the leaders.

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Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933. Almost immediately he went and began secretly building up Germany’s army and weapons.

Adolf Hitler

In 1939, September 1st , Adolf Hitler took parts of Poland which ended up starting the war because Great Britain and France had guaranteed military support to Poland if it was attacked by Germany.

Before that he had taken parts of Austria then Czechoslovakia and finally Poland. Adolf Hitler took these parts for Germany as he was the leader of the Nazi party. He became leader of Germany in 1933 and became a dictator (which called Fuhrer) by 1934. A dictator is a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained control by force.

Adolf Hitler said he did this because he wanted Germany to be GREAT again , he wanted Germany to be a large empire like Great Britan. But unfortunately ended up starting war. When Adolf Hitler was interviewed about why he kept on taking parts of the Britan empire this is what Adolf Hitler said "I did all of this because I wanted the German empire to be better than the British empire."

Our Great Adolf Hitler used to command all the armies fighting for the German side and so the soldiers were in total war (one of his friends helped him who we will be talking about later). Adolf Hitler was able to do this because he was leader of the Nazi party and Adolf Hitler also wanted to do this job because he wanted the armies to follow his own strategy.

Adolf Hitler was mad about treaty of Versailles, as it was damaging Germany. A lot of territory was taken away from Germany(Alsace and Lorrane to France, surrender of German colonies to league of nations and many more colonies back to allied forces).

Did you know that Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of many Jews Adolf Hitler did this because he considered Jews as parasites. This was one of the reasons he wanted to command the armies fighting on the German side so he could order them to murder/kill many Jewish people ,Adolf Hitler had also destroyed many Jewish businesses.

Joseph Goebbels

From 1939 September 1st -1945 September 2nd Joseph Goebbels (Adolf Hitler's friend who helped him) influenced the German soldiers to get into total war against the British army, so the German soldiers could get into total war so Germany can win the war.

Before Joseph Goebbels joined Adolf Hitler and gave speeches, he completed his PHD. First Joseph Goebbels completed PHD and then he joined Adolf Hitler. One of the reasons Joseph Goebbels joined Adolf Hitler was because he agreed with him a lot(Hitler's ambition to make Germany great again)

Joseph Goebbels joined ministry for public enlighten and propaganda, in control of radio, press, publishing, cinema and other arts. He joined public enlighten and propaganda after he completed PHD.

One of the things Joseph Goebbels is famous for in WWII is giving speeches to influence German soldiers to get into total war, so the soldiers get influenced and hopefully end up winning the war.

This was a good idea as Joseph Goebbels had a mesmerizing voice which could really help to get motivated soldiers.

When interviewed about the only book Joseph Goebbels wrote, this is what he said, "The only book I wrote is called 'Not German Enough' which was also my diary."

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It started on 10 May 1940. Germany wanted to capture France, but France made a very strong wall of troops called the Maginot line.

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The government started rationing certain foods in May 1942, starting with sugar. Coffee was added to the list that November, followed by meats, fa, canned fish, cheese, and canned milk the following March.

Genral Erwin Rommel

From 1939 September 1st to 1945 September 2nd Genral Erwin Rommel was ignoring orders of killing Jews in Germany and he was totally against Adolf Hitler cause he believed that Adolf Hitler kept on giving orders of killing Jews. He was called desert fox because he served as field marshal in Wehrmacht. He was a German General and military theorist in 1937.

Genral Erwin Rommel was always considered an kind and compassionate person . All soldiers captured by his army were treated kindly. Genral Erwin Rommel also Ignored the orders to kill/murder Jewish People cause he was a kind-hearted person.

Every single soldier captured by Genral Erwin Rommel and his army were treated kindly. All the captured Soldiers were also treated equally. If a Jewish soldier was captured they would not be killed as all orders were ignored and the Jewish soldiers were also treated equally.

Genral Erwin Rommel was totally Against Adolf Hitler. Genral Erwin Rommel never followed all of Adolf Hitlers orders. One of the examples is killing Jews ( he was an effective leader because he did in killing/murdering Jews. This was what made him popular)Genral Erwin Rommel always Ignored this order and there are more.

This is what Genral Erwin Rommel said when we asked why was he against Adolf Hitler, "I am against Adolf Hitler because he always gave orders to kill or murder Jews to me."

The Best of the Best

From 1939 September 1st to 1945 September 2nd some of leaders Germany had been working hard, but now we are going to find out who is the best, in Germany we are going to find out who was really the best leader during war(WWII).

Adolf Hitler had started the war because he wanted Germany to be great again so he kept on taking parts of other countries (Austria, Czechoslovakia and finally Poland)Adolf Hitler did all of this so Germany could be great again.

Joseph Goebbels influenced the German soldiers to get into total war against Great Britan. Joseph Goebbels did this because he really wanted Germany to win world war two. This also kind of worked as Joseph Goebbels had a mesmerizing voice .

Genral Erwin Rommel was kind and compassionate person .He always ignored orders to execute /kill Jews which were mostly from Adolf Hitler and all soldiers captured by his army were treated equally ,kind and normal. General Erwin Rommel didn't like Adolf Hitler at all.

When we Interviewed a British soldier about who does he think is the best leader and this is what he said ",I think the best leader is Genral Erwin Rommel Because fellow soldiers who were captured were treated equally and kindly."

The leader who had the most significant impact on WW2 was Adolf Hitler because he hthas the supreme commander of Nazi forces. He was on helm and of affairs, had maximum impact on WW2 from Germany.


1.Adolf Hitler

2.Joeseph Goebbels

3.Genral Erwin Rommel