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All over Japan, rationing had been taking place during World War Two. Rationing is when food is controlled by the government.

The Bombers of Pearl Harbor!

Isoroku Yamamoto was a Japanese Naval Officer which was born at April 4th, 1884 in Nagaoka, Niigata and he died at the age of 59.

Isoroku Yamamoto was also known as Isoroku Takano, he was most famous for attacking the Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Isoroku Yamamoto's father was a school teacher and at that time Isoroku Yamamoto was called Isoroku Takano, but then, he was adopted by a wealthy land owner so his name became Isoroku Yamamoto.

Yamamoto studied English at Harvard University and he received a promotion to a lieutenant commander.Throughout his career, Yamamoto had opposed many of Japan's military adventures, such as the invasion of Manchuria in 1931 and the subsequent land war with China.

Isoroku Yamamoto decided to attack the Pearl Harbor was because Japan and American wasn't nice to each other's and was enemies. Yamamoto’s plane was shot down near the Bougainville Island. Yamamoto decided to make an inspection tour through the South Pacific.

When asked what civilians think about Isoroku Yamamoto, (Was he famous with peoples).

The old aged woman interviewed, "He was very famous with peoples and he once said a speech that made him even more famous."

When asked Yamamoto about how he attacked the Pearl Harbor?

Isoroku Yamamoto explained, "I began planning his strike to destroy the pearl harbor in Hawaii, while also outlining plans for drives into the resource-rich Dutch East Indies. six of my carriers sailed for Hawaii on November 26th, 1941. We approached from the north and we attacked on December 7th, sinking four battleships and damaging an additional four, so we can bomb the Pearl Harbor.

Isoroku was most famous for attacking the Pearl Harbor, he said a very famous quote and his real name was Isoroku Takano.

The Longest Reigning Emperor

Hirohito Michinomiya which was the Ewas born on 29th April, 1901 in Tokyo, Japan and died on 7th January, 1989 because of small intestine cancer.

He was the 124th Emperor of Japan, which reigned from December 25th 1926 to January 7th 1989 and he was Japan's longest-reigning monarch so far. He married princess Nagako Kuni in 1924.

Hirohito's grandfather was the Emperor of Japan, his father was the crown prince and he was called Prince Michi.

He was one of the first Japanese crown prince to travel, Hirohito visited Europe in 1921. When he returned, he ruled the country as prince because his father was not well enough to rule Japan.

Hirohito commanded the army to invade parts of Southeast Asia for example Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in 1940. His role was to command the army to attack other countries.

He modernized Japan and making a world power. However, Hirohito died on January 7th, 1989, in Tokyo.p

When asked some civilian whether they like Hirohito or not, a young female skating on the street in Tokyo told us, "We do not dislike Hirohito because he prayed for peace."

When we asked Hirohito about what he was praying for after the war ended, he interviewed, "I was praying for peace after the war."

Hirohito was the 124th Emperor of Japan, and the longest reigning monarch. He was the first Japanese crown prince to travel.


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Pearl harbour has been partially avenged by a smashing united states naval victory in the first place of a great and continuing pacific battle in which two or three Japanese aircraft carriers have been sunk.

Read about the causes of war that included Japan!

1931-1941 the world war between Britain France and America vs Japan and Germany had started.

Japan flag.

The Executed Prime Minister

He was an Imperial Japanese Army general which got appointed as the 27th Prime Minister from 1941 October 18th to 1944 July 22nd. Sadly, Hideki Tojo got executed in 1948.

Hideki Tojo was an esteemed administrator and a skillful field commander that became noted as a stern disciplinarian, which meant that he was a respected organizer and a skillful commander that have been noted as he was very strict at following the laws. He leaded many armies, he was an Imperial Japanese Army general and he was also a Prime Minister.

In July 1940, he was appointed Prime Minister. Hideki Tojo succeeded Konoe as prime minister on October 18th 1941 and pledged his government to a Greater East Asia program called the “New Order in Asia.”

Hideki Tojo was executed by hanging because of many war crimes he indicted before the International Military Tribunal. However before his execution, Tojo Hideki shot himself in a suicide attempt because he was threatened with arrest by occupation authorities. When he tried the suicide, it wasn't successful to him because he failed and then he got healed on April 29th, 1946.

When asked the civilian whether they were happy with Hideki Tojo, the civilian in Tokyo wearing sunglasses answered that he wasn't very happy about his war crimes that he did, so he thought that Tojo's execution in 1948 was fair.

When asked if he was he aggressive, a normal civilian in Tokyo claimed that he was one of the most aggressive Leaders.

Another question asked for the interview was: "was he a hard worker?" A woman selling plants commented that: "Hideki Tojo was a hardworking and efficient leader."

Tojo Hideki was one of the most aggressive militarists in the Japanese leadership.

Comparisons of the Legendary Leaders

Isoroku Yamamoto which was a Japanese Naval Officer, Hideki Tojo which was an Imperial Japanese Army general and Hirohito which was the 124th Emperor of Japan was all born in Japan.

There were people from 1884 April 4th - 1989 October 18th. They were all Famous leaders, Isoroku attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, Hideki Tojo was the 27th Prime Minister of Japan and Hirohito was Japan's longest reigning monarch so far.

Hirohito began invading parts of southeast Asia in 1940, Isoroku Yamamoto attacked the Pearl Harbor at Hawaii and Hirohito was the longest reigning monarch so far.

The civilians were not very happy about Tojo Hideki, while peoples didn't dislike Hirohito and Isoroku Yamamoto. Isoroku Yamamoto and Hideki Tojo died of execution and war, however Hirohito Michinomiya died because of a small intestine cancer.

Although Tojo Hideki was aggressive, he was an efficient hard worker. Hirohito prayed that everyone can have peace. Yamamoto was very considerate and that he said a very famous quote.

When asked what do they think the difference or comparison of the leaders was, a normal civilian walking on the street replied "Every leaders personalities are different and the achievements are mostly different."

Then, when asked which leader was most popular in Japan, a middle aged woman told us that they were all popular.

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