Daniil, the award winning correspondent, reporting directly from Britain, explaining about the Britain Homefront!

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Winston Churchill, became Prime Minister and has served the British empire from 1940 up until now as the most significant leader in the British empire.

The British Meals!

Learn what the food limit in Britain was and more about the food! Rationing is when everyone has a cetrtain amount of somethiung, in this case, meals.

What is Rationing?

Yesterday, January 8th, 1940, the craziest thing happened! Rationing had begun in Britain, meaning all of the British had a food limit to a certain amount of food. This had to begin due to the fact that the British were low on food supplies because of the bombing so everyone had a restriction on the amount of food they receive. Rationing is when someone gets a certain amount of something, in this case this was food.

How did it help?

Rationing helped keep the food supply stable although some people were not happy about the fact that rationing was introduced to Britain. Rationing could also be bypassed in many different ways which will be talked about later on in this newspaper. Everyone was given a ration book which could be read, this was for people who didn't know the restriction limit or forgot about the limit that was introduced to Britain to all of the people. The rationing book had a huge limit which seemed to upset a lot of the British citizens. Rationing was bypassed in several different ways such as one which was referred to as "Digging for victory," this is when people farm their own food to get more food during rationing which was a huge advantage to farmers and was very popular in farms. Rationing was overall an amazing idea since the country could save up food and have enough food to feed everyone. As well as people digging for victory, they also kept some animals, such as pigs and cows, in order to kill them at one point and eat them. Everyone had different opinions about rationing. Both negative and positive. This is for a variety of reasons such as the fact that some people may not think it was enough and still remain hungry. Others having positive feelings about rationing as they are Digging for victory; planting crops and eating pigs, cows, sheep, etc. This means they are getting tons of food and eating all of it. Some people had positive and negative opinions regarding rationing. Since everyone did get a little bit of food but it was not necessarily enough for some people. But for others, it was enough. Examples of amounts of food people received during rationing was 4 oz of Bacon & Ham, 2 oz of milk and more.

Day to Day living in wartime

Read about how the British lived during World War II

The General lives of the British had started in 1939, when World War II started. The reason that the daily lives had to change was because there was bombing and they could not have lived normally with bombing, so restrictions had to be put into place.

When did World War II start?

World War II had started in 1939, everyone was extremely scared about it and had to be restricted to certain things. The Daily lives in Britain affected people depending on their specific genders and that kind of information. Women were treated differently to men and men were treated differently to women. The General Lives were very hard and people didn't really support it.

Women Treatment!

In World War II, women were treated much differently to men and had a complete different role from men in most of the World War II. At the start of World War II, women would normally sit at home and look after the crops and the farm. Later on in World War II, though, women were then assigned minor tasks in World War II such as being a factory worker because after a while, the government noticed that it would not be possible to keep the war, factories and other industries running. Women then got different jobs such as driving buses, operating anti-aircraft guns, raising barrage balloons, driving ambulances, or delivering aircraft from factories to frontline squadrons.

Many people had to evacuate at random times because of problems happening such as bombing so towns and cities from small to large had to move away from their family members and friends. Those who stayed, though, had to deal with horrible bomb raids and maybe even ending up getting homeless. However, everyone had to deal with threats of gas attacks, air raids, rationing, changes at school and their daily life in general which is very difficult to deal with sometimes.

In order to avoid showing any light to the enemy bombers, all of the streets and houses has to be blacked out, the blackout began on September 1st 1939. All houses and streets had to be blacked out at night. Also, campaigns were launched to help others from the suffering from bombing, etc. The greatest proportion of jobs that were assigned depending on the person's gender.

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Militarism was an issue which plagued Europe and the world in the 1930s. In Japan, Germany and Italy, militarism was very popular and dominated the governments.

Study The Causes of World War II by Maria Oikonompoulou!

The League of Nations was an international organization that aimed to make the world more peaceful. Already in spring 1915 the name “League of Nations” was in general use among the small groups ,which were discussing the future organization of peace.

The Blitz Bombing

This was a very drmatic time from day raids to night raids, read on!

In 1940 until 1941, a new thing called bombing was introduced as well as the war economy and other things regarding the economy. Mainly the Germans attacked Britain by bombing them at random times normally in the night. This began because of Adolf Hitler and this was reported in London, Britain. This bombing was called The Blitz.

Price of World War II
World War Two had costed around 1,600,000,000,000 US dollars in total for all the countries which ruined the economy of some countries since it's a great deal of money. The war affected the wealth of people because most of the country's economy ended up going down due to the huge amount of money, they had to pay for World War Two. Great Britain borrowed money from its colonies to pay for the war and was in enormous debt – as a result it stopped being a large power after the war and its empire slowly disappeared until 1968.

Night raids
The people that were at home were affected massively since a lot of homes were destroyed by bombing and nobody knew when the bombs would launch since some of them were launched at night which was called ‘Night Raids’ which was never expected. There was also something called ‘Bomb Threats’ when a siren goes off in order to announce the beginning of the raid. But the end of the raid wasn’t announced.

Why did air raids start?
Hitler started the raid with the intention to break the British morale wishing that the British would give in. Instead of breaking the morale of the British, it made them face-to-face an extremely common enemy. This also made the people determined to hold out against the German attack. Back in England, some people would usually sleep on the underground station so if the bombing started, they would be nice and safe from the bombs. Since the air raids continued, most if not all large countries set up public air raid shelters. It was nearly impossible to tell if the bombs have already exploded or not so it was pretty dangerous for everyone. It was pretty hard for everyone in the Blitz in World War II. London was the first main target. For 57 consecutive nights, bombs rained down on the capital city. Then other major cities became a target too, such as Coventry, Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. This intense wave of bombing became known as the Blitz.

The British Propaganda!

Learn about false information!

In 1941 until 1945, propaganda had to start because of a lot of people and this was used in some countries such as Britain, Germany and more. These are just some main examples of areas they used this in. Propaganda was mainly used to lie such as showing Hitler as an amazing person.

What is Propaganda?

A propaganda is a way of spreading your or other people's ideas and influencing people. This was very popular in World War II since the Allies and Axis power used propaganda to shape the publics opinion. It was also used to raise the happiness or morale of other people and to make the enemy side that they are fighting more brutal than them.

Hitlers Posters!

Adolf Hitler used posters of propaganda to show that he is surrounded by adoring people to make him seem like a great leader whilst he was very brutal, evil, and racist. On top of that, propaganda was also used to make the morale of the people on the opposing side smaller and get them to lose the war meaning you or the opposing side would have won.

Propaganda is a very important part in World War II (WWII) because it let people share their opinions and help out with the war.


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