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See the causes of World War II

The causes of World War Two all started in 1919 when Germany became angry about the Treaty of Versailles.

Six Week Victory

The battle of France started on May 10th 1940 and ended on June 25th 1940. In this battle the German army used a lot of new strategies and one of them and the most popular was the Blitzkrieg which was also called lightning war.

In this battle Britain, France, Germany and Italy fought in it and the Germany attacked France because they were still weak they needed to expand their land to get more power.

The Blitzkrieg was mainly sending a little army and rip a cut of the enemy defenses and the main forces go in. The strategy of the Germans was to bypass the Maginot line then attack Paris.

The objective of the German army was to defeat and capture France in a very short time in order to stop the French army from building the Maginot line longer.

In this battle the Italian army helped the German army but they didn't do much because they joined the war when the war was nearly over(10 June 1940)and when the Italian army attacked the French army they found out that the French army was too strong; as a result they were defeated by the retreating French army so the Germans had to send troops to help the Italian army. When the French army was defeated, Mussolini thought that it was because the Italian army was good at fighting.

We have managed to report and asked General Heinz Guderian a question "did you think the battle was easy?" "We managed to capture France in six weeks because the Blitzkrieg worked and our forces were really strong."

The Axis forces had: A, B and C army group, Italy army group west and the Allied forces had:1st,2nd and 3rd army groups. The main General from both side was Heinz Guderian(Germany)and Lord Gort(allied).After Germany defeats French the British army was forced to retreat and that was the Evacuation of Dunkirk.

The fall of the Nazi empire

The battle started at April 16 1945 to May 2 1945.In this battle the German army used a strategy that was a nightmare for the civilians. In this battle Germany, Soviet Unions and Poland were involved, the battle took place mostly in Berlin and the Soviet army attacked Berlin because if they capture it’s the end of the Nazis.

The German army's strategy was to mobilize the civilians; to give them weapons and armor, and the army that the civilians made was called the " Guerrilla fighters.''

The German army (has-tense) to face the western army which is the American and England army and the eastern army which is the Soviet army but the western army didn't want to attack Berlin because the generals thought that if they attack Berlin they will lose a lot of men but if they captured Berlin they has to give it to the Soviets because on the treaty that Berlin belongs to the Soviets so they decided to not attack Berlin.

Germany Surrendered because there were no choice because Hitler and Goebbels committed suicide in his bunker and there was not much soldiers left they will never defeat the strong Soviet army so general Helmuth Weidling told the German army who were still fighting to surrender.

The "objective" of the German army was to defend Berlin to the last man standing. The German army is never going to win because the soldiers in Berlin was too little and most of them were the civilians army, just about 1/8 of them were the "highly trained "SS" but after the long fight the men in Germany were dying so fast so the SS's recruitment condition were lowered and lowered; at first if you want to join the SS you have to be Gold hair, Strong and tall but at last even beggars can go into the SS but the Soviet army were all highly trained warriors and they got way more troops, tanks, fighters and artilleries so when the German army fought with the Soviet army they can't even fight them

"What do you think about the battle?" "We are going to lose, run for your life!"

At last Germany surrendered, Hitler suicide in bunker and other high-ranking Nazi officers died. All German garrison and Berlin city surrendered on May 2 but the last German army were still fighting the battle until the 8/9 of May then all German army surrendered. That was a bad end for Hitler and his Nazi empire.

See the homefront of World War II

During World War Two in Germany (1939-1945) people who had money couldn't just walk into stores and buy things as much as they wanted. At that time most things were rationed, which meant that despite having enough money to buy as much as you could only buy the thing that allowed to .

See who were the major leader of the war!

Hitler was our dreadful German dictator, who made Germany look bad in the world society, by starting World War 2 and doing the holocaust. In 1933, he became the chancellor in the coalition government, starting to dictate over German people.

See the causes of World War II

Why did the most problematic disaster happen? World War Two, which lasted between September 1939 and September 1945, was the deadliest battle in history killing up to an insane 85 million people!

The Battle of Bulge

The battle of bulge was also called the battle of Ardennes forest. It started at December 16 1944 to January 25 1945.The strategy of the Germans was to ambush the allied army and force them to sign a peace treaty.

The peace treaty was to force the allied forces to retreat from Normandy and the Nazis can put all of the army against the Soviets.

The objective was to force the allied to retreat from Normandy beach and sign the peace treaty.

The siege of Bastogne was an battle in December 1944 20-27 between American and Germany at the Belgian town called Bastogne, which is part of the battle of bulge. The objective of the German offensive was the harbor at Antwerp. In order to get it before the allied could regroup and bring their strong aircraft.

There was a fun fact about the battle; and the fact was the American commander Anthony McAuliffe replied back to the German commander about surrender and he only replied one word about it which is "NUTS!" So after the battle he was promoted and given command to the 103rd Infantry division, which he led from January 1945 to July 1945.

We have got a chance to report on this battle and ask Mr. Hitler a question. "Mr. Hitler do you think we are going to win this war?" "Yes of course, the German army is unstoppable!"

At the end the allied win but the offensive plan were delayed five to six weeks, German offensive exhausts resources on the western front.

The Battle of Stalingrad

The battle of Stalingrad was the turning point of world war 2 and was the most tragic battle in ww2.It started at August 23 1942 to February 2 1943.The strategy of the Germans was to capture Stalingrad and attack Moscow on two ways.

Actually there was another two reasons why Hitler wants Stalingrad; one of them was that there were lots of oil inside Stalingrad and Germany doesn't have enough oil to preserve the huge iron army and the second reason was the city name Stalingrad was a dishonor to Hitler because the leader of Soviet Union was called Stalin so Hitler wants the city.

The objective of the Germans was to capture Stalingrad and get all of the oil inside and then attack Moscow.

In the battle the Germans and Soviets were fighting for one every house they see and when you are walking on the street a ppsh-43 or a Mp-40 might appear from a window or door and fire at you when you relax.

"Mr. Hitler do you think you can defeat the Soviets?" "Of course the Soviets were so weak."

At last the Germans didn't capture Stalingrad so they didn't capture Moscow but the both side died thousands of men during the tragic street fighting.


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