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Our Greatest Military Challenges

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The battle of France startedon May 10th 1940 and ended on June 25th 1940. In this battle the German army used a lot of new strategies.


Treaty of Versailles and the Great Depression

The causes of World War Two all started in 1919 when Germany became angry about the Treaty of Versailles.

Treaty of Versailles was created because Germany surrendered in World War 1 and had to pay 6600 million to England and France. After, the Germans became very poor and bankrupt so they were very angry. The anger brought out Adolf Hitler to become the new Chancellor of Germany and promised his country to gain revenge.

In order to revenge, Adolf Hitler Had to brake the promise and invaded Poland in 1938. After the invasion to Poland, the Germans invaded Czechoslovakia and France. This land that taken from Germany in the Treaty of Versailles.

The Great Depression of Germany(1930) started before and also after the Depression of America when they took the loan back(400million loaned). While the time, the fascists fought the communists. A lot of people lost their jobs, their money and their family because of the Great Depression. This was when Adolf Hitler came up and revenge.

The Volk Post reporter Oceanus Au interviewed the German citizens at the time:

"Right now everywhere in Germany is very poor and desperate. We hope this will end soon."

Rise of the Militarism

Rise of the Militarism happened because Adolf Hitler promised his country that he’ s going to revenge.

The anger of the Germans spread around Germany. The Rise of The Militarism was the name of when Germany started to revenge and caused the war, this name was thought up himself. But one thing that the Germans didn’t know was that if the war starts, other country are going to invade them as well and they got poorer and poorer while being angrier and angrier so World War Two was known as the largest and the bloodiest world conflict. Just before World War Two, the Germans invented a new type of bomb that has never used before. It was very strong because after it had exploded, the radio of it can kill people as well. That made the war bloodier and larger.

The Volk Post reporter Oceanus Au had interviewed Adolf Hitler where did he get the courage to start the war:

“I was really angry and I decided to help. I got the courage because the failure of League of Nations; Japan and Italy came to my side so that made the failure of it.”

Hitler the Awful leader

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Goebbels,who was a minister of Enlightenment of Propaganda in 1930s in Germany,served under Hitler and controlled radio, press, and other arts.

How Did We Get To War

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Why did the most problematic disaster happen? World War Two, whichlasted between September 1939 and September 1945, was the deadliestbattle in history killing up to an insane 85 million people!

Great Causes

World War Two started because things happening in 1919-1939 all over the world.

World War Two started because Treaty of Versailles and the America loan. The Germans at that time was very poor so America loan 400 million to them. But not long after the Americans became bankrupt so the Americans wanted the money back. The Germans had no money after they gave the money so they started to invade other countries. The appeasement eventually burst out. The British, France, Germans and other countries all gathered in Munich a city in Germany. The British and France thought that if they give Germany the lands then they will stop the invasion but they didn’t and kept on invading. And so World War Two bursted out!

The Volk Post reporter Oceanus Au had interviewed the German citizens how they feel:

"At first, we thought Adolf Hitler would help us get richer and richer but now he led us into disaster!"

League of Nations

League of Nations was invented in 1920 after World War One by a man called Woodrow Wilson, the American president at World War One.

League of Nations was a group of people that represents there country and keep the world peace because World War One. However at 1930s, the Germans left the League and so the league failed because having not enough member (it needed at least 65 nations). That made Adolf Hitler braver to revenge so they did; the Germans broke the peace. In 1931, Japan invaded Manchuria, (a part of China) League of Nations took a whole year to make a decision but Japan ignored it and went with Adolf Hitler. In 1935, Italy invaded Abyssinia and League of Nations made the decision quicker than last time but Italy left League of Nations and went with Adolf Hitler. There was a part of land in Germany was next to France, it was called the Rhine land. The Germans can’t put any soldiers in there because if they do, France can know that and invade Germany. So in order to be safe while preparing to revenge, they can’t put any soldiers in there. However at 1936s, the Germans reoccupied the Rhine land. League of Nations finally stopped in 1939, when World War Two started.

The Volk Post reporter Oceanus Au interviewed Japan why did they joined with Germany

"We joined them because we knew that no one can stop them. We had no choice."

War Comes To The Homefront

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During World War Two in Germany (1939-1945) people who had moneycouldn't just walk into stores and buy things as much as they wanted.

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