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Hitler was our dreadful German dictator, who made Germany look bad in the world society, by starting World War 2 and doing the holocaust. In 1933, he became the chancellor in the coalition government, starting to dictate over German people. He created the National Socialism, and believed in the superiority of the Aryans. He especially found the armed force and banning of debating & having democratic discussions very important. More specifically, he committed war crimes, such as doing the holocaust and He used the Gobbel's propaganda to fool the German people. He was the person who played the most major role in World War 2.


Before he committed suicide, when his wife asked about his sadness, he answered, "This isn't going like I expected. Soon, another disgraceful treaty, like the treaty of Versailles, will occur. I shouldn't have started the war in the first place, or was it the right choice? However, this war ruined everything of Germany. I should have found another trick to make Germany strong. On the other hand, I can't help not surrendering; I will commit suicide. Even if the war loses, I will never be killed by the Allied Forces, at least. I will continue the Holocaust AND the war. Tomorrow, I am going to say goodbye to Germany."

Early Life

His rise to power was very unique; even though he dreamt of being an artist, he decided to become a soldier. When the World War 1 was declared in 1914, he won an Iron Cross by serving with all his effort. After his retirement, in 1919, he joined the Nazis party. A year later, in 1920, he started to give speeches to people. His speeches were usually about the useless politicians who signed the Versailles treaty. In 1923, he then contributed to Munich Putsch, which took place in order to kidnap 3 high government workers. However, it didn't work out as he wanted to be; police killed more than 20 Nazis officers and he was sentenced to 5 years. No one supported the Nazis. He learnt an important lesson that it’s to no avail when he tries to get power by force. While locked in the jail cell and deprived of his freedom, he spent his time writing a book called 'Mein Kampf', which stated the superiority of the Aryan race, the dangers of communism, and Germany's great destiny upcoming. After he went out of the jail cell, in 1925, he re-founded the Nazis party and became the leader.

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Goebbels, who was a minister of Enlightenment of Propaganda in 1930s in Germany, served under Hitler and controlled radio, press, and other arts, which influenced the German people to get the inaccurate information. He served under Hitler and convinced people for Hitler's behalf and his party Nazis until he committed suicide in 1945.

Overall Life

During the first part of WW2, it was easy for him to persuade the German people because the Nazis Germany was winning the war. However, during the late period of WW2, he blew the cause of losing the war to the German people and not Hitler.

After he became the Minister of Enlightenment of Propaganda, he had many roles-he controlled radio, press, telling news to Nazis, publishing, and making movies about how Nazis hated Jews. A good example is called ‘The Eternal Jew’, which was all a way to trick the German people.

In 1932, under Hitler’s command, he launched a full hatred to the Jews by making a book called ‘not German enough’, to make German people become racists. Another famous book is called 'Goebbels' diary', which was explaining to German people how great propaganda was. Still obeying Hitler, he then gave a speech about fighting until winning in 1943 even though the Allies were winning the war then.

When the Allies were gaining revenge to Nazi Germany, in 1945, he stayed in his bunker with Hitler when the Red army of the Soviet Union attacked Berlin. After Hitler's suicide, he committed suicide with his wife and poisoned his children as well.

When someone asked him how he felt about Hitler, he stated: “Hitler is there. Great joy. He greets me like an old friend. And looks after me. How I love him! What a fellow! Then he speaks. How small I am. He gives me his photograph. With a greeting to the Rhineland. Heil Hitler! I want Hitler to be my friend. His photograph is on my desk.”

Without him, German people would not have affected by Propaganda, meaning that they could have heard the right information if he hadn't been alive and reacted to their dictator, Hitler. As far as I can see, Goebbels's controlling of information truly changed the information that went to German people's ears.


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The battle of France started on May 10th 1940 and ended on June 25th 1940.

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The causes of World War Two all started in 1919 when Germany became angry about the Treaty of Versailles. Treaty of Versailles was created because Germany surrendered in World War 1 and had to pay 6600 million to England and France.

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Why did the most problematic disaster happen? World War Two, which lasted between September 1939 and September 1945, was the deadliest battle in history killing up to an insane 85 million people!

Middle Life of Adolf Hitler

After he went out of his jail at last, there was a great news to him- in the General Election in 1930, the Nazis won the election; the Nazis now became the second largest party in Germany. In 1932, he became the German citizen, in order to have the right to be in the Presidential Election. In 1933, he finally became the chancellor of a coalition government. Soon, he wanted to do whatever he wanted Germany to be and dictated all over Germany, claiming that the Nazis should be the only party existing in Germany. All the other parties were taken away power by the Nazis, and the Nazis officers soon became state governors. In addition, he banned communist parties. In the same year, socialists' parties were banned too. This was the start of his dreaded dictatorship.

As soon as he became the chancellor, he commanded everything he wanted. Since 1933, he had taken away rights of Jews. Then, in 1938, he released his army to Austria. This behavior led to the appeasement called ‘Munich Agreement’ that he also can take a part of Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland because other countries were perceived of Germany trying to conquer the Europe. In the same year, he devastated more than 7500 Jewish shops, beginning to show his nastiness and start the terrible holocaust.

For his need, he wanted to conquer east parts of Europe. However, he could not just do it at once, because the strong country of the east, Soviet Union, would stop him. So, to deal with it, he agreed not to have a hatred on communism and secured the ‘Molotov-Ribbentrop pact’, about not attacking each other. In 1939, he conquered Poland, starting and declaring the World War 2. Poland's’ soldiers were hopelessly defeated by the Blitzkrieg tactic. Not satisfied, he then conquered a number of countries: Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium, France, Romania, and Yugoslavia.

In 1941, ignoring Molotov-Ribbentrop treaty, he turned to the Soviet Union because he had a staunch hatred of communism and couldn’t conquer Britain. He speculated that he would earn victory within several weeks, but despite his expectation, the Soviet Union was continuously not defeated. The Soviet Union would retreat backwards destroying everything, making it impossible for Nazis Army to gather sustenance. Another catastrophe for him occurred; the Allied Forces landed on Normandy while he was asleep in 1945. Feeling lost, he committed suicide after he was completely defeated and had a wrong turn. The war ended in the same year as he died.


Hitler wanted to make Germany strong, but Germany just lost at the end, again facing the tragedy, like in the World War 1. From Hitler, we can learn that using force to take over another country always fail, and pays the cost for it.

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Rommel was a German general that served in World Wars, nicknamed Desert Fox. However, his dream was not a general in the first place; he wanted to be an engineer. Despite Rommel's dream, his father forced him to attend Officer Cadet school in 1910. After the graduation from the Cadet school, Rommel served immediately in the World War One.

Early Life

As a young man, as a lieutenant, his courage, deep understanding of men, and natural gift of leadership ensured that being a general was his right career to have. He earned lots of awards too. He received 1st class Iron Cross and the highest German military class called ‘Poor le Marite’ by outflanking thousands of Italian soldiers in World War One. To summarize, the main process of how he became a general is because of his father’s desire.

Middle Life

During the World War Two, he served under Hitler, and had a position of General Major. In 1939, during the invasion of Poland, he first used Panzer Division, which was a military unit that used the tactic of mowing down the enemies with tanks and machine guns along with a lot of troops. However, he wasn’t able to join the Nazis party, despite the fact that he was Hitler’s favorite general. When the Battle of France was declared, he personally commanded his soldiers to cross the river and helped his soldiers defeat the French Army. In addition, he captured more than 10,000 French soldiers. Instantly, he received the Knight's Cross, making Hitler extremely astonished and shocked by his tactic.

Like many generals, he was appointed to many other military academies. In 1937 Hitler was impressed by ‘Infantry attacks’, a military textbook he wrote. He appointed him as the German Army Liason. In 1940 he finally promoted him to one of the new Panzer Divisions commander.

Even though he served under Hitler, and was an admirer of him, in the late period he didn’t agree with fighting constantly against the Allied Forces. On 20 July 1944, there was an attempt of assassination of Hitler, to overthrow the Nazis party and have peace with the Western Allied Forces, and he joined in. However, it didn’t succeed; over 7000 people who joined in the assassination were arrested and nearly 5000 were executed. This event was called ‘20 July plot’. In October 1944, because of his contribution to 20 July Plot, he was given the command to suicide.


When a man asked Hitler about his reputation of Rommel, he said, "Oh, he is surprisingly amazing. His tactic is the most sneakiest, his commands are the most majestic ones, and the treatment of men are the most gentle. I couldn't have done this much without him."


Considering that the essence of Rommel was huge, it can be concluded that without him, the Nazis Germany could have lost in the first part easily without his courage and tactics. The invasion could not have been even possible in the first place without him. Hitler would not have been able to conquer lands and start the World War Two. I can partly state his presence bigger than Goebbels.

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This article is the comparison between the major leaders: Hitler, Goebbels, and Rommel. They all had different positions in power, so they played different roles during the World War Two. In particular, the aspects of each leader will be specifically explained.

The major person is Hitler because he was the one who made World War Two. If he hadn't been alive, the catastrophic World War Two would not have occurred, meaning that the Germany would not have tried to take over the Europe. While Hitler was a leader, Rommel and Goebbels served under him. Goebbels was a true admirer of Hitler, whereas Rommel didn't agree with many parts of his opinion. Goebbels was a minister of propaganda which was one of the positions of politicians, while Rommel was a general that didn't intervene the politics. In contrast, the similarities are that they all intervened on the war in their own way: Hitler gave the commands, Goebbels had an impact on the Homefront, and Rommel was the one who actually fought in the battlefields.

Rommel couldn't help serving under Hitler, while Goebbels trusted Hitler and agreed with many Hitler's opinions, like the inferiority of the Jews and the superiority of the Aryans. Rommel fought against the Allied troops, but did not hesitate to compliment them. As far as I can see, Rommel just served under Hitler, not agreeing a part of his opinions. Actually, he disobeyed most of his direct orders.

However, the key point was that the three leaders both worked for Germany. For instance, Hitler wanted to make Germany strong by starting world war II. Following this, while Goebbels wanted to work for Hitler, Rommel fought against the Allied forces.

In the first part of war, Hitler was admired and complimented. However, when the war was turning to Allied powers, he was criticized for losing a war. It was the same with Goebbels. When the war was still working out, it was easy for him to spread the Propaganda. However, in the second part of war, German citizens no longer believed him, and treated him as a liar.

Rommel was unlucky too. Rommel won the consecutive battles in the first phase of war, but he began to lose in the late period. With the tragic result, he then finally faced his death in 1944 when it was found out that he contributed to 20 July Plot.

Even though Hitler had the major role in the war, Rommel and Goebbels were both playing significant roles- Rommel fought off the Allied Forces. He fought well in many key battles: Battle of France, Italy, Attack on Poland, and invasion of many east European countries. In contrast, Goebbels controlled the news and radios to trick the German people, so they won't complain about the Nazis and the war.

A researcher asked one of the pedestrians about the person who has the main role in the World War 2.

He replied, " Of course Hitler, who I used to highly admire him. I thought he helped Germany get rid of Great Depression and Treaty of Versailles. In addition, I considered him an awesome and powerful leader who made Germany rich and happy. However, I don't respect him now. The reason is that it has been almost three years, and no more bread and peace is coming for the sake of German citizens; this war is just full of more tragic battles that are coming and coming. Therefore, I strongly agree that he just spoiled Germany.

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