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Allen Qi the awarded Corespondant who interviewed the Japan Prime Minister 45 times!

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Rationing is something in limitation and it was started, but it works same as money. It had affect many people in World War 2.

Attack on Pearl Harbor

The attack on Pearl Harbor happened from ('started on' is correct) December 7th, 1941. Our army and the US army had a battle on the island (Pearl Habor). This island is located in Hawaii on island Oahu. Our army had an unstoppable plan to attack the US island.

The War

Our enemy tried to fight back, but we were too strong and the attack was too sudden. Our navy and weapons are the strongest, this battle could prove that our people are the bravest.

The tactic from our general was to attack the island in a complete surprise, which brought us the amazing victory of this battle this victory was really useful in this war because we attack the US navy. This battle will affect the whole war.

The battle began with the first wave of attack from Japanese aircraft carriers at 6:10 A.M. At 6:45 A.M the first shots from the Japanese to the USA were fired. At 7:40 A.M the first wave of Japanese aircraft reached the Oahu island.

Our general decided this, because if we don't destroy the navy of US before they will join the Allied powers, we will be in very big trouble.


After this battle we interviewed a general of our navy. "How does this battle effect the war?" asked this journalist.

"This battle affects the whole war! We will all win this!" Replied the general.

This battle made the US join the allied powers and defeated the Axis power.

Pacific fleet has joint the Allied powers and became the Japanese's enemy and launched more attacks Japan.


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In 1919, Japan was unhappy about the Treaty of Versailles, which tookplace in France, because French and British did not treat the Japaneseas equal partners.

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World War Two causes were numerous, They include the impact of theTreaty of Versailles following WWI, the worldwide economic depression,failure of appeasement.

The Last Battle: Okinawa

Another battle ended yesterday, which was dated (verb needed) June 22nd. This battle started at April the 1st and ended at June 22nd 1945 and took place on Okinawa which is the principal island of Rkyukyus.

This is the year that our army lost, it has been 6 years of people keep on dying, and yesterday everything ended. The American won by (verb should be added) 49000 casualties including 12500 killed, which the

Japanese army lost over 1100 planes on the battle.After the war we interviewed a general from America.

"What do you think about the victory of the WW2?" Asked the journalist.

"This battle war was not easy at all, (comma splice) many soldiers died." Replied the general.

This battle made the Japanese surrender to (Is this connective needed?) the war. Also this year is the year that the Axis powers got defeated.

The Midway Battle

This battle is located on an island between North America and Asia called Midway.. It happened from June 4th 1942 to June 7th 1942. We were trying to sneak to the US forces and trap a number of aircraft then destroy carriers which carried fighter planes, but the plan failed.

While, we were focusing on the midway island, the US launched attacks on the Japanese army. It was fighter planes.

First the US navy sent Torpedo planes which sink ships, Japanese were able to defend themselves by shooting down them. However, when the Japanese were taking care of the Torpedo planes, the US launched more attacks.

After the battle, we interviewed a citizen who lives in Tokyo.

"What do you think about the battle." Asked the journalist.

"I hate the war and the battles, it is just making our people die." replied the citizen.

This battle has been really important because it made the Japanese launched the third battle which made the Japanese surrender.

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